Keeping the Fun Going When Summer Ends

Parents cheer when the summer draws to a close because they know that their normal routine will soon be back in full force. Children, however, groan because they know that all of the fun they had during the summer months is about to come to an end. What children don’t realize is that quite often parents have a similar feeling. The summer months fly by so fast that they often do not have the time to make the summer as enjoyable as they wanted it to be when June began. But parents shouldn’t feel stressed out, as there are plenty of ways to make the fun that you can find in the summer months stretch through into the autumn, especially if you look into slide rentals.

Slide Rentals?

Have you ever heard of slide rentals? You may not have, as there are many people who do not realize that the same company that they rent their bounce house from every year also rents inflatable slides! Inflatable slides are very similar to the bounce houses that you’re used to, but they’re also vastly different. The similarity comes into play in the setup of the unit. Unlike a traditional slide, which takes hours, and a lot of help, to set up, an inflatable slide goes up in minutes and can last all day long. But there is something far more unique about an inflatable slide than how quickly it can be set up.

The most unique thing about an inflatable slide is the simple fact that many of them can almost instantly become water slides! An inflatable slide that is waterproof can be transformed into a water slide simply using your average, ordinary garden hose. Hook it up in the right spot and the water sluices down the slide rentals that you have rented, creating your very own waterslide in your back yard!

If you lived in a cold climate it may not be a good idea to put up an inflatable water slide in October, but many areas have a warm enough climate that it’s entirely possible to create your very own water slide park in your back yard! If you want to keep the fun of summer going, or if you want to start it early, look into slide rentals. You’ll find that they’re a great, affordable way to have serious family fun!