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One of the things you will need to learn quickly if you are going to be hosting children’s birthday parties is that goodie bags and party toys are definitely a must. There is a difference between the two, but for most young children’s birthday parties having both party toys and goodie bags are essential. But what exactly are party toys and goodie bags, and why have they become so popular for parents?

Party Toys

Party toys are items that you can rent or purchase that are designed to help you to entertain young children during a birthday party. Remember when you used to go to birthday parties and play pin the tail and the donkey? That game would be considered a party toy. Today there are many different types of party toys you can purchase, including party toys that are designed specifically for boys or specifically for girls, as well as party toys that work for older children as well. One of the great things about party toys is that they not only worked wonderfully for birthday parties, they can also be a great little treat to purchase and to put in stockings or to give as little gifts.

Goodie Bags

It can be difficult to get young children to leave a birthday party, especially if they’re having a good time there. Birthday parties are exciting, fun, and the only come around every once in a while which makes them a definite treat. Parents figured out long ago the one of the easiest ways to get children to leave the party was to offer them a little treat to take home with them. These are called goodie bags. Goodie bags can have a variety of different things inside them, anything that is small and that would be a great, appropriate gift. The tricky part infilling of goodie bags is that children of different ages, and different genders, like different things. Little girls who are four and five years old would not enjoy a tube of lipstick, just like children that are eight or nine years old may not be happy to simply find stickers and their goodie bag.

You can purchase both goodie bags and party toys at your local California party rental store. Many planning experts recommend looking to a rental store to help you to fill your goodie bags appropriately for your child’s birthday – it’s not only easier, it’s often more affordable as well.