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 PopCorn Machine
PopCorn MachineClick To View Details
 PopCorn Machine W/ Stand
PopCorn Machine W/ StandClick To View Details
 PopCorn Machine W/ Cart
PopCorn Machine W/ CartClick To View Details
 Extra 50 Servings of Popcorn
Extra 50 Servings of PopcornClick To View Details
 Snow Cone Machine
Snow Cone MachineClick To View Details
 Snow Cone Machine W/ Cart
Snow Cone Machine W/ CartClick To View Details
 Extra 50 Servings of Snow Cone
Extra 50 Servings of Snow ConeClick To View Details
 Hot Dog Steamer
Hot Dog SteamerClick To View Details
 Cotton Candy Machine
Cotton Candy MachineClick To View Details
 Cotton Candy Machine w/ Stand
Cotton Candy Machine w/ StandClick To View Details
 Cotton Candy Machine w/ Cart
Cotton Candy Machine w/ CartClick To View Details
 Extra 60 Servings of Cotton Candy
Extra 60 Servings of Cotton CandyClick To View Details
 Champion 5500 Generator
Champion 5500 GeneratorClick To View Details
 Yamaha 6800 Generator
Yamaha 6800 GeneratorClick To View Details
 Umbrella With Granite Base
Umbrella With Granite BaseClick To View Details
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Hosting an event can be tricky, especially if you are someone who does not plan events or parties frequently. There are some people who seem to just be born for the job. These people are able to throw together a great party with only a few hours notice, and that can definitely seem daunting to someone who is a party planning amateur. The truth is, however, planning a party is actually fairly easy, especially if you have a good party rentals business that you can look to to help you fill certain vacant spots in your planning.


One thing you’ll need to think about when you’re hosting a party is what you’re going to feed your guests. The type of food you feed your guests depends on the type of party you plan on hosting. For instance if you are hosting a fine dining party the last thing you would want to rent would be a hot dog steamer. The good news is, however, no matter what type of party you may be hosting you should be easily able to find some sort of concession at a party rentals business that will help you to feed your guests appropriately. Let’s say, for instance, you plan on hosting a fun movie night for all of your friends. Then you would want to rent something like the commercial popcorn popper. The cotton candy machine would definitely come in handy if you are planning on hosting a child’s birthday party, and the good old hot dog steamer is one quick and easy way to make money for your charity of choice at baseball and basketball games.

Tables and Chairs

If you plan on feeding your guests, they’re going to need a place to sit down and enjoy the meal. Chances are good that you only have one, maybe two, tables in your house. Unless you live in a huge castle, it’s a good bet that your tables would not be large enough to host a decent sized party. Buying the tables is extremely expensive, which is why most people look to a party and events rental business in California to rent tables and chairs from. These tables and chairs are strong and sturdy and designed to withstand many parties, and the best part is it’s an extremely affordable way for you to be able to make sure that all of your guests can sit down comfortably during the party.