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Have you ever seen an inflatable bounce house a child’s birthday party? The answer is most likely yes as bounce houses are becoming one of the most popular ways to keep children entertained during a birthday party. Because of this it means almost every parent calls a bounce house rental business to order a bounce house for their child’s party months in advance. There are some parents who enjoy blending in with the crowd, but their other parents who enjoy doing something a little different for their child’s party, which is where the combo and slides inflatable units come into play.

Combo and slides

You likely know what bounce house is already, so will skip to explaining what a combo and slide unit are. A slide unit is an inflatable slide that is set up almost exactly the same way that inflatable bounce houses set up. A blower unit is connected to the slide and is then inflated relatively quickly and will stay inflated for the duration of your rental. Children are able to climb up the side of the slide and can then enjoy a swift slide down to the bottom. Not only is it possible to find slide units that allow to children to go down the same time, it is also possible to find slide units that can be converted into homemade waterslides. Simply add a hose and children dressed in bathing suits and you got the recipe for hours of fun.

Combo units are a bit different in that they have the best of both worlds. By this we mean a combo unit has one half of the unit that is designed as a bounce house, and the other half of the unit designed as an inflatable slide. Children are able to jump on one side of the unit, may then climb a wall or a ladder, and then zoom down the attached slide.

Renting one

Combo units are available to rent from bounce house rental businesses in all states, including California, and are one of the best ways to allow your child’s birthday party to become something that all of the children, and most of the parents, will remember. They work great for not only will children but also for older children as well.