The operator must:

  • Ensure that ride does not operate if the wind exceeds 25 mph.
  • Ensure that all users remove their footwear (except socks) and any other hard, sharp or dangerous objects from their person, such as buckles, pens, purses etc. It is advised that spectacles be best removed;
  • Ensure that users are not consuming food/drink or chew gum in the inflatable
  • Ensure no one bounces on the step (entry ramp). The step is only to be used to assist the users on or off;
  • Not allow anyone to climb or hang from the outside walls;
  • Not allow users who are taller than the outside walls of inflated bouncing surface to use the bouncer.
  • Watch the activity on the bouncer constantly.
  • They should use a whistle or other device to obtain attention and take action at the first sight of any misbehavior, keeping an eye on the safety and well-being of all the users, particularly children and especially the smaller, more timid ones. Rough horseplay must not be allowed.
  • It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that the equipment is not overloaded, therefore, creating possible danger to the users.
  • Sort riders by size. Only riders of the same size should be allowed in the ride at thesame time, larger / older children should, where possible, be segregated from smaller children.
  • Ensure the number of users at any one time are limited to a number which allows each user enough room to play safely.
  • Ensure the weight capacity of the inflatable is never exceeded. The capacity of the ride can be found in the owner’s manual.
  • Ensure the rules posted on the warning sign is strictly enforced.
  • Assist the riders while they exit the ride.
  • For slides operator must be aware that elbows, knees and backs of legs can become burned if the unit is too hot due to extreme hot temperatures. To avoid friction burn, operator should instruct riders of slides to cross arms over their chests to avoid elbow and arm contact.