Popcorn Machine Rentals to Help Your School’s Athletic Team

One of the sad things about today’s world is that school funding is getting cut on a regular basis. This means that quite often things like school sports teams lose the money that they need. How often have you heard stories about athletic teams not being able to afford to send their children to games […]

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Making Money with Popcorn Rental Machines

Who doesn’t love a delicious bag of popcorn? Popcorn is something that is loved by a wide array of people, and it’s something that felt extremely well in many different types of venues. Because of this, selling popcorn is often a great way to make a little bit of money in the summer months, and […]

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Video Game Competition

When women are pregnant they are often told that having a baby is a wonderful joy, but that a girl is much more difficult to raise than a boy. Ask any parent who has both a boy and a girl child and they will tell you that while the girl child is likely to be […]

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Hosting a Block Party Movie Marathon

How well do you know your neighbors? Many of us live most of our lives at our current home without knowing all of our neighbors. As any law enforcement officer will tell you, being friendly with your neighbors is one of the best ways to make sure that your home stays safe when you’re not […]

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