Keeping Children Safe When You Rent a Bouncy House

One of the biggest problems many parents deal with from other parents at a party they are throwing is the overly-cautious parent. This is the parent who insists on staying at the party – not because they want to stay and enjoy the day with everyone, but mainly because they do not trust you to […]

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Bouncy House Party for Boys

They say there is nothing quite like having a little boy, and anyone who has avoid realizes how tricky they can be to raise. Little girls tend to be very easy to accommodate – time for a birthday party? Simply rent something princess-y or pink or purple and you’re good to go. Little boys, however, […]

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Bouncy House Rentals for Your Class Reunion

It’s a bit scary once you realize that you’re going to be celebrating ten, fifteen, or even twenty years of being out of school. Class reunions have gotten a bad reputation in the past few years, but they shouldn’t! It can be a great deal of fun to see old friends and to catch up […]

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