Should You Hire an Attendant With Your Bounce House Party Rentals

When you’re planning a party there are tons of things that you have to think of. More than one parent has been very thankful that they have friends who are great party planners and who are great in a crunch when they find out that they forgot to get ice cream for their child’s birthday […]

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Creating the Perfect Bounce House Party

Celebrating a child’s birthday should be simply a joyous occasion, but far too often the party planning is so stressful that the entire birthday party is nothing more than a hassle for a parent. Birthday parties shouldn’t be hassles, and there are many things that you can do in order to ensure that your child’s […]

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What Happens When Your Bounce House Is Delivered

When you contact a bounce house rental company, you may have no idea how the process works. Often people who contact a rental company think that they are going to be responsible for actually picking up and inflating the bounce house. An event rental company, however, makes it much easier for you to be able […]

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Bounce House Rentals Q&A

Q: What I get when I rent a bounce house? A: There are a few things you should expect when you rent a bounce house from a bounce house rentals company. First, you should expect for someone from the company to come to your home or to the location of the party to set up […]

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