Bounce House Rental Rules

We’ve talked before about bounce house rental rules, but one thing we have not discussed is why it is important to make sure you enforce these rules, and even how you do so. When you see a business that is offering a bounce house for rent at a reasonable rate, it is understandable to immediately […]

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Hosting Your Own Carnival

The summer months are a great time to be able to enjoy your family and friends like never before. But how often have you promised that you were going to do a lot of things went summer started, only to discover in August that you never got to half of the things on your list? […]

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Making Money with Popcorn Rental Machines

Who doesn’t love a delicious bag of popcorn? Popcorn is something that is loved by a wide array of people, and it’s something that felt extremely well in many different types of venues. Because of this, selling popcorn is often a great way to make a little bit of money in the summer months, and […]

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Other Events for Kids Party Gift Bags

It has become common place now for parents to purchase or make kids party gift bags to give out to the children who come to their child’s birthday party. Often making the gift bags can be a tedious and time-consuming situation, which is why many parents are now looking to event rental companies to help […]

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Jumpy House Rentals Keep the Summer Fresh

When the summertime comes, young children get excited about the prospect of being out of school well parents start to moan and groan because they know they will face three months of trying to entertain their children. This can get extremely tedious, especially if you have children who are very active. It’s one thing to […]

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Bouncy House Party for Boys

They say there is nothing quite like having a little boy, and anyone who has avoid realizes how tricky they can be to raise. Little girls tend to be very easy to accommodate – time for a birthday party? Simply rent something princess-y or pink or purple and you’re good to go. Little boys, however, […]

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The Right Spot For Inflatable Rentals

Children are only young for so long, and quite often when their birthdays come around their parents want to celebrate the occasion in a big way, and in today’s world that means bounce houses. Bounce houses have become the norm for young children’s birthday parties as not only are they a huge amount of fun […]

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Fourth of July Slide Rentals

The Fourth of July is a very unique holiday. It is not a holiday celebrated anywhere other than in the United States, which kind of makes it very special to many people around the nation. When the Fourth of July comes most people look forward to eating delicious burgers and hot dogs off of the […]

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Something A Little Different For Your Party

You decided that you want to throw a huge summer bash, you don’t want to be like every other summer bash you’ve ever gone to. How can you post the summer bash that is different from the ones everybody else hosts? There are a few different options you have, and it all depends on how […]

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What Happens When Your Bounce House Is Delivered

When you contact a bounce house rental company, you may have no idea how the process works. Often people who contact a rental company think that they are going to be responsible for actually picking up and inflating the bounce house. An event rental company, however, makes it much easier for you to be able […]

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