Surviving a Slumber Party

Having a little girl is amazing thing, especially if you are someone who enjoyed doing girly things when you were little. It’s all fun and games until your child starts to reach an age when she’s dreaming about having a slumber party. Think back for a minute to when you were that age – can […]

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Video Game Competition

When women are pregnant they are often told that having a baby is a wonderful joy, but that a girl is much more difficult to raise than a boy. Ask any parent who has both a boy and a girl child and they will tell you that while the girl child is likely to be […]

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Other Reasons To Get Kids Party Gift Bags

Every child knows that kids party gift bags are a staple for any child’s birthday party. Children look forward to receiving the gift bags, even if they have just small toys and candy and. It is a wonderful little treat that you can give a child to show your appreciation for their participation your child’s […]

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Renting an Expensive Bounce House for Rent

It’s that time once again – time for your child’s birthday party. We’ve become a nation where we try to outdo everyone else’s birthday party, and that can get expensive. That’s why so many people try to do everything they can to cut a few corners here and there. Many children request that their parents […]

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What To Know About Jumpy House Rentals

When your child’s birthday time comes around, you may start wondering how you can entertain dozens of children at your home. How many times can the kids pin the tail on the donkey after all? Thankfully there is one thing that you can do in order to entertain all of the children there for almost […]

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Bouncy House Rentals for Your Class Reunion

It’s a bit scary once you realize that you’re going to be celebrating ten, fifteen, or even twenty years of being out of school. Class reunions have gotten a bad reputation in the past few years, but they shouldn’t! It can be a great deal of fun to see old friends and to catch up […]

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Planning a Huge Summer Bash

Children never more happy than when they are told school is over. They rush out of those school doors like ants heading to a picnic with the desire to do nothing to celebrate. Often parents will take children out to a nice dinner to commemorate the end of another school year, but if you truly […]

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Wet Slides This Summer? Absolutely!

Unfortunately, there is no way you can control how much the price of gas is the summer. Analysts estimate that the price of gas will only go up, which can definitely put a damper on any summer vacation plans that you may have. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to spend the entire summer […]

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Want To Truly Enjoy Your Party

Are you someone who has parties on a regular basis? It’s fun to think about being one of the glamorous people – going to parties every weekend and hosting your own party at least once a month. But the truth of the matter is the majority of us are not part of this set. We […]

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The Frustration of Goody Bags

Putting a child’s birthday party can be a huge hassle, as well as enormous expense. Not only do you have to think about what you’re going to feed the children and how you’re going to entertain them, you also have to think about what you’re going to give them to bring home. In today’s society […]

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