What To Know About Jumpy House Rentals

When your child’s birthday time comes around, you may start wondering how you can entertain dozens of children at your home. How many times can the kids pin the tail on the donkey after all? Thankfully there is one thing that you can do in order to entertain all of the children there for almost the entire party – contact a jumpy house rentals agency. A lot of parents, however, worry about renting a jump unit, as they are scared that their child, or other children at the party, will get injured. If you make sure that you enforce the rules, however, everyone should be able to have fun with no injuries.

Common Rules

There are a number of rules that you could make up for the bounce house, but there are some that should be a part of any party, starting with no shoes being worn on the bounce house. Most jumpy house rentals agencies will tell you that no child must wear shoes on the bounce house, but most parents opt to have the person who set up the bounce house leave the property once it is to set up, so it is up to you to make sure that all children take off their shoes before they get on to the bounce house.

It is also important that you make sure that there are only a certain amount of children on the bounce house at any one point in time. Having too many children on the bounce house greatly increases the possibility of someone getting injured. How many children should you allow on the bounce house at one time? That is a good thing to ask the jumpy house rentals agent who comes to set up the bounce house. They will know exactly how many children the unit is safe to handle. It is best if you try to stick to around that number.

You also should make sure that large children are not jumping with small children. If you have ever been in a trampling with a child, you’ll realize that a person would have your weight tends to throw person with lighter weight up much higher in the air, and younger children cannot handle this so make sure that older children jump with older children and younger children jump with younger children. Follow the rules that everyone will have a great time at the party.

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