What Happens When Your Bounce House Is Delivered

When you contact a bounce house rental company, you may have no idea how the process works. Often people who contact a rental company think that they are going to be responsible for actually picking up and inflating the bounce house. An event rental company, however, makes it much easier for you to be able to enjoy the bounce house that you have rented, for rather than having to set up the bounce house yourself, an experienced set up crew will arrive at your home, or at the location of the party, to set up the inflatable for you.

How It Works

First things first, you need to make sure the bounce houses available on the day that you need. It is a good idea to contact a rental company at least a few months before the gathering is going to be held to ensure that you get the bounce house that you want. Many event rental companies, however, can accommodate their customers if they call a few weeks in advance. Once you contact the company to request an inflatable unit, as you can rest easy until the day of the event draws near. Feel free to contact the event rental company a few days before event occurs in order to make sure that everything is set up and so that they know where they will be putting the inflatable together.

The crew from the bounce house rental should arrive a few hours before the party is set to occur. This set up crew will deliver the bounce house and will then proceed to set it up, which includes staking out the bounce house, or securing the sandbags, and inflating a using the blower. Whether or not the crew stays depends on the contract you have signed with the bounce house rental company. You’ll find that many times people choose to have employees day with the bounce house so that they can rest comfortably knowing that the bounce house is being watched by a responsible adult will they take care of other party matters. Once the party is over, the set up crew will then return to take the bounce house down. The process should not take very long, so plan on staying at the event location for an hour or so after the party just to make sure you have enough time to clean everything up.

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