What Are Slide Jumper Rentals Combinations

Anyone who has young children knows exactly what a bounce house is. No young child’s birthday party is complete without some sort of entertainment, and most parents find that having jumper rentals is the perfect solution for their entertainment needs. But did you know that there is another option besides jumper rentals? You can also rent inflatable slides!

Inflatable slides are another way of having fun with an inflatable unit. These slides blow up quickly, just as an inflatable bounce house does, and it allows children to feel the wind in their hair as they slide down the slide that you have rented over and over. Unfortunately the fact that you can get both jumper rentals and inflatable slides from the same business can be tricky for parents as they aren’t sure which option they should go with for their child’s party. Did you know however, that there is a third option? A slide/jumper combo!

Slide and Jumper

What is this combination? A slide/jumper combo is exactly what it sounds like. Half of the unit is a bounce house that children can enjoy jumping around in, while the other half of it is a slide! One of the best things about this is that you can entertain twice the amount of children with a smaller chance of injuries. The chance is minimized because you will be splitting the children up when they are in the bounce house. Some will be jumping around while others will be sliding down the slide! This allows children to have a great deal of fun and to engage in both types of inflatable fun!

Many parents love these types of jumper rentals because they are perfect for younger children. Some of these inflatables are small and are the right size for three and four year olds. Having young children this age on a bounce house can be tricky if you have a large bounce house and many young children, but with the split inflatable option, however, it’s much easier for young children to be able to enjoy bouncing around. Some of the jumper rentals also have a little inflatable basketball hoop in the unit as well, and add in the ball, which is generally included, and you’ll be able to entertain three groups of children all at the same time!

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