Wet Slides This Summer? Absolutely!

Unfortunately, there is no way you can control how much the price of gas is the summer. Analysts estimate that the price of gas will only go up, which can definitely put a damper on any summer vacation plans that you may have. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to spend the entire summer at your home being bored. There are number of different things you can do to have fun writing your own backyard, but the most enjoyable one has to be contacting a slide rentals agency and having an inflatable slide set up outside of your home.

Why Is This Fun?

All right, anyone can take their children to playground where their child can slide down slide, so what makes contacting a slide rentals and having a slide set up your home so much different? First of all, if you’ve ever been down inflatable slide you will know that it is a much different sensation you get hurtling down an inflated slide thing you get when you are at your local playground. These slides are generally a lot higher than traditional slides, and they tend to shoot you down a lot faster than a regular slide does as well. Parents also tend to feel a great deal safer with their children going down this type of slide them slide the playground simply because it is inflated so you know that even if they tumble down the slide they will be fine.

But these inflatable slides hold a secret – a large number of them are actually waterproof. What does this mean? It means that you can hook up a hose to the top of the slide and create an instant waterslide in your backyard! Imagine how much fun you will have with a waterslide sitting directly by your house for four, five, or six hours. That’s enough to tire out even the most rambunctious toddler! If you want to have some fun this summer but want to stick to your budget, and to avoid paying high gas fees, contact your local slide rentals agency. Ask them if they have any waterproof slides and set a date to have one hooked up at your house. Invite friends and family, and the neighbors, and you’ll have your very own water park right in your backyard.

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