Video Game Competition

When women are pregnant they are often told that having a baby is a wonderful joy, but that a girl is much more difficult to raise than a boy. Ask any parent who has both a boy and a girl child and they will tell you that while the girl child is likely to be much more emotional, it is often much more difficult to entertain the boy child. Boys tend to be very specific in what they like, and for many of today’s boys, especially when they’re young teenagers, the world is all about video games. While it is important to make sure your child steps away from the console occasionally, you can also indulge them every once in a while by having a videogame competition sleepover.

Bring On the Challenge!

One of the great things about having a videogame challenge sleepover is the fact that unlike a traditional girls slumber party, you really don’t need to have very many things in order to keep the guys entertained. You’ll need to have some sort of the screen with the console and funny games to play, a place for them to sleep, and something for them to eat. One of the biggest problems with feeding young teenage boys, however, is that their stomachs are basically bottomless pits. They can eat over and over and over again in one evening draining your household of more food than you knew you even had. They can get expensive to feed a number of teenage boys, but one option is to get a popcorn rental machine if you’re looking to not only feed all the children they are, but to also save a little bit of money.

Many event rental businesses will rent out food machine such as a hotdog cooker or a popcorn rental machine. Most of them, not only do you get the machine when you rent them, you also receive the oil and the kernels that you will need to make the popcorn. Teach the teen boys how to work the popcorn machine and then you can go to bed, knowing that they will have enough food to last them the entire evening. You can also get a popcorn rental for a number of other events as well, such as weddings or even a girl slumber party.

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