Tips for a Great Water Slide Party

You’ve decided to host a party for your children and their friends. Maybe it’s a birthday party, maybe it’s simply a party to tell everyone how much you love them – or maybe you’re hosting a family party! It doesn’t matter what type of party you are planning, if you want to have a fabulous party one thing that you should look into is contacting a business that specializes in water slide rentals. You might be surprised to learn that a number of party rental businesses offer water slide rentals as part of their regular deals, and it’s something that you can take advantage of. But if you truly want the party to be a success, try remembering these few simple tips.


  • Make sure people know about the water slide! There’s nothing like going to a party only to find out that you didn’t bring, or wear, what you needed to! Imagine how upset a child would be if they went to a party that had water slide rentals set up only to learn that they couldn’t go down the slide because they didn’t have a swimsuit or any clothing to change into. Always make sure all of the guests to the party, and their parents, if applicable, understand that there will be water at the party and that packing a swimsuit, or extra clothing, is a good idea!
  • Make sure it’s in the right spot! Another huge frustration when it comes to dealing with water slide rentals is when people set them up in the wrong spot. Maybe the unit is far away and it’s hard for parents to watch the children, or maybe it’s too close to all of the action. Always talk to the person setting up the unit about where the perfect location would be before everything gets staked down.
  • Have plenty of towels! You can get seriously soaked when going down one of the water slide rentals units that you can rent, so make sure that you have plenty of towels! The good thing about this type of party is that the towels don’t have to be perfect, and can have a few little rips or tears in them – as long as children can get dry with them, they’re perfect!

Follow these little tips and the next party that you have water slide rentals at will be a blast!

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