The Right Spot For Inflatable Rentals

Children are only young for so long, and quite often when their birthdays come around their parents want to celebrate the occasion in a big way, and in today’s world that means bounce houses. Bounce houses have become the norm for young children’s birthday parties as not only are they a huge amount of fun to jump around in, they will entertain children for hours. Often the problem that parents have is trying to figure out where they are going to set up the inflatable rentals that they have hired. Many people in the Los Angeles area now live in apartments or condos and do not have access to huge amounts of grass, so where should you arrange for the rentals to be set up?

Finding Space

First, look around your home to see if there is anywhere that an inflatable rental would fit. In order to do that properly you will need to have the dimensions of the unit you have rented. If the rental company does not have that information on the website, feel free to contact the company to ask for the dimensions. If you do have a large enough grassy area around your home, you may want to grab a couple of tarps and to cover that area where the grass is in order to protect the grass. If the area that is grassy is very hilly, it will not work as a good base for the inflatable rentals you have hired.

If you don’t have enough of a grassy area, you may have enough of a concrete area. Bounce houses can be placed on concrete roads or parking lots as long as the area is extremely flat. Make sure you explain to the inflatable rentals company that they will likely need to place the rental on asphalt, as they will need to bring different items in order to set it up on the pavement. If you do not have enough space either in pavement or grass, look to local area parks for help. Many times you can find an area of the park for a nominal amount of money, and often these areas have picnic benches and covered sections as well making it the perfect place to hold birthday party. If you feel that you don’t have enough space around your home for an inflatable to be set up, don’t worry – there are always local areas and businesses that are willing to help.

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