Keeping Everyone Safe At A Child’s Birthday Party

Being a parent is definitely one of the most enjoyable, and most difficult jobs there is, and one of the fun things about being a parent is that there are always things that pop up that you have to take care of that you may not have thought about before you had a child, like […]

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Jazzing Up a Party Rental Tent

Most entertainment experts will agree that one of the easiest ways to hold a party for any amount of people is to rent a tent from a business that focuses on party rentals. Los Angeles residents have a number of party rental supply stores to select from, but one of the big problems people have […]

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Bounce House Rentals Q&A

Q: What I get when I rent a bounce house? A: There are a few things you should expect when you rent a bounce house from a bounce house rentals company. First, you should expect for someone from the company to come to your home or to the location of the party to set up […]

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An Unforgettable Company Picnic

It’s almost scary when you realize that it’s almost time to start planning your annual company picnic. For many employees, the company picnic is one of the most enjoyable parts for working for any company, and a good employer knows that one of the best ways to make sure that your employees are loyal to […]

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