Surviving a Slumber Party

Having a little girl is amazing thing, especially if you are someone who enjoyed doing girly things when you were little. It’s all fun and games until your child starts to reach an age when she’s dreaming about having a slumber party. Think back for a minute to when you were that age – can you imagine being a parent having to deal with all the things that go on a slumber party? Worry not! This survival guide will help you to make it through a slumber party with all of your sanity intact.

Getting Supplies

First things first, it’s time to get some supplies. Talk with your daughter a week or two before the party and discuss what types of things she and her friends will want to do throughout the evening. They will likely want to do girly things such as paint toenails or apply make up, and they may even want to create their own spa. Fortunately all of the supplies you’ll need for these things can be found very easily at most retail stores. Eventually the girls will want to settle down, and that’s when it’s time to pull out the movies. Make sure you have a few different types of movies for the girls to watch and try to avoid getting anything that is too scary, as you don’t want to be woken up at 2 AM by a girl who was having a nightmare!

Once you have the basic supplies ready, it’s time to talk about food. They’re all sorts of normal things you can do for food, such as getting a pizza and bulking up on soda, but have you ever thought about getting a cotton candy rental machine? A cotton candy rental machine is generally extremely affordable, and is very easy to use. You’ll find that most sleepover parties did not include something this unique, which will make your daughters party stand out among all the others.

The Night

As long as you have gotten all the supplies you need, including toiletries, movies, and food (don’t forget the cotton candy rental machine!) it all comes down to surviving the night. If you can, separate one area in the house to be the girls area. Allow them free run of this area and make sure the you explain all the house rules as soon as it went gets there. You likely will not go to bed anytime before midnight, but make sure when you do go to bed that all the girls are tucked in their sleeping bags and that they have at least quiet down.

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