Summer Slide Rental Fun

When the heat of the summer sun comes out to play, it’s time to figure out how you can cool down. It’s easy to simply go into an air-conditioned home, or to take a driving air-conditioned vehicle, but there are many much more enjoyable ways to cool down – and if you think ahead you can turn cooling down into a huge party for all of your family and friends.

Rending a Slide

A number of rental places now rents not only inflatable bounce houses but also inflatable slides. Inflatable slides work exactly like inflatable bounce houses do – it simply gets set up on the lawn or another flat surface and blows up quickly thanks to the electrical blower. While it’s fun to simply go up and slide down a slide, you can actually use slide rentals to help you to cool down during the summer months. This is because there are certain slides that are actually waterproof and if you rent the right slide, you can simply plug your hose into the right slot and can create a water slide amusement park right in your own backyard.

Setting up a waterslide party is actually very easy. First contact the slide rentals company to make sure they have waterproof slides available for rent. Remember: the earlier you contact them, the higher the chance will be that she’ll get a waterproof slide to use, as these slides rent out very quickly during the hot summer months. Once you have your date set and have the slide book from the slide rentals company, you then need to contact all of the people you want to come to the party. If you have enough time, you can send out invitation cards. If, however, you’re doing this more honest or of the moment thing you may want to use some sort of social media outlet like Facebook to help you to contact all of your friends to let them know that you’re hosting a party. Since you are the one paying for the slide rentals, is absolutely fine to ask guests to bring refreshments. With enough guests feel have more than enough refreshments to feed everyone. Then simply connect the water and everyone can have a blast cooling down as they slide down your backyard waterpark.

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