Should You Hire an Attendant With Your Bounce House Party Rentals

When you’re planning a party there are tons of things that you have to think of. More than one parent has been very thankful that they have friends who are great party planners and who are great in a crunch when they find out that they forgot to get ice cream for their child’s birthday party! It’s easy for things to slide when you’re planning a party for your child, but thing that you should think about before you plan the party is if you want to hire an attendant to help with your bounce house party rentals.

An Attendant?

If you are someone who has seen bounce house party rentals in public locations than you have likely seen attendants working with the children and with the inflatable units. Attendants are there to keep track of the units, and of the children inside of the units, in order to help make sure that the children are all safe when they are climbing and jumping around. These attendants can make things a great deal easier, but many parents balk at hiring one because they are trying to save money. There are definitely good reasons to hire an attendant, and things that you should consider if you decide not to.

Firstly, if you hire an attendant than you will know exactly when the unit will get set up and when it will be taken down as the attendant for the bounce house party rentals unit will likely do it all himself. This means that it will be much easier to plan your day than it would be if you were to have to wait on an attendant to come set up, or pick up, the unit. This is especially helpful if the party is not located at your house. It is also much easier for parents to be able to relax when they hire an attendant. This is because they know that there will be someone professional there watching their children and making sure that everyone is safe.

If you decide not to hire an attendant to help with the bounce house party rentals unit that you have rented, make sure you have at least two adults ready to help man the inflatable. This way the adults will always be there to cover the unit.

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