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 Basketball Tic-Tac-Doe
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 Bungee Run
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When you think about the bounce house rental business, the first thing you likely think of our inflatable’s. Most bounce house businesses are known for renting large inflatable’s, both inflatable bounce houses and inflatable slides, that are often rented for children’s birthday parties. What many people do not realize is that not only are you able to rent inflatable jump houses and slides at a bounce house rental business, you may also be able to rent inflatable games.

Inflatable games

Inflatable games are bit newer to the inflatable market then an inflatable slide, and much newer than the traditional bounce house unit. These games are designed to allow children and adults to have a blast playing some sort of game, generally a type of Carnival game, utilizing the inflatable technology. There are all sorts of different types of inflatable games that you can rent, in fact you may even have heard of some of the older types inflatable games, like inflatable sumo wrestling suits. These suits are inflated using the same technology that is used for a bounce house, only the inflation tube is removed before the wrestlers fight so as to not hamper their movement. The Velcro inflatable unit, also affectionately known as the fly on the wall unit, is another older type of inflatable game that you may have heard of as well. Inflatable games are very popular in California, simply because the warm weather allows the inflatable units to be left up for long periods of time.

Why to rent inflatable games

Why would you want to rent an inflatable game rather than rent inflatable bounce house? The first question is, why do you think you can only rent one? Many party planners suggest having a number of different types of entertainment available at a party in order to attempt to make as many of the guests happy as possible. Having a bounce house set up in one section of the yard, and having an inflatable game in the other section of the yard, is one way to ensure that all of your guests are able to find something that they enjoy doing at your party.

If you want to keep your budget down and only rent one inflatable unit, you may want to give an inflatable game a try. Many parents book bounce houses for their child’s birthday party, but because most don’t know about the inflatable games having one at your child’s birthday party would definitely be something that set your party apart from all of the others.