Popcorn Machine Rentals to Help Your School’s Athletic Team

One of the sad things about today’s world is that school funding is getting cut on a regular basis. This means that quite often things like school sports teams lose the money that they need. How often have you heard stories about athletic teams not being able to afford to send their children to games because their funding has been cut. This is definitely a sad state of affairs but many athletic directors and coaches are looking for other ways to get money, and one way is with some fundraising! Did you realize that you can use popcorn machine rentals to help you to raise money for your athletic team?

How to Earn Cash

But how can you use popcorn machine rentals to earn money for your school’s athletic team? First, you’ll have to contact a popcorn machine rentals business. There are many party rental locations that have popcorn machine rentals that are extremely affordable, and some of them even include the popcorn and the oil that you will need in order to run the machine as well. Make sure you rent the machine from a reliable rental company so that you get a clean machine to start with. One of the best things about using popcorn machine rentals to help you to raise money is that the cost for the kernels, and the oil, and even the bags that you’ll need to make money selling popcorn is extremely cheap, allowing you to sell the popcorn cheaply and to turn a huge amount of revenue as well.

But where can you use your popcorn machine rentals to help you to earn money? First, at sporting events! Have a soccer game going on? Pop some popcorn and sell it at the game to earn money! People love selling popcorn at basketball games, but don’t forget about those other sports, like soccer or baseball, where you can turn a profit. You can also use your popcorn machine rentals to sell popcorn at parent teacher nights, book sales, open house, and even at graduation! Make sure, however, that you get permission from the appropriate person before you begin selling. You’ll find that you can earn a huge amount of money for your athletic team with the right popcorn machine rentals!

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