Making Money with Popcorn Rental Machines

Who doesn’t love a delicious bag of popcorn? Popcorn is something that is loved by a wide array of people, and it’s something that felt extremely well in many different types of venues. Because of this, selling popcorn is often a great way to make a little bit of money in the summer months, and it’s also a great way to raise money for your nonprofit organization as well. But how can you use a popcorn rental machine to earn a little bit of cash? There are a number of ways.

Sports Games

The summertime is the perfect time to take a popcorn rental machine to a sports game. Check around locally to see which parks host games things like softball, baseball, or soccer. Find out if there any concession stands on the grounds and if there are not it may be a prime opportunity for you to earn some money. You can also find sports games in different areas of the city, and setting up your popcorn machine in the community basketball court may be a great idea especially if you do so on a Saturday afternoon when the court is bound to be filled with hungry spectators.

Trade Shows

In the summer you will find that there a lot of tradeshows happening. This is a prime space for you to sell popcorn. If you have discovered that there is going to be a tradeshow occurring in your area, find out who you have to contact in order to ask if you are able to sell popcorn during the show. You may be wire to pay an entry fee were to give a percentage of your profits to the organization but if you sell enough popcorn, that won’t matter.

Corporate Events

How often does the new store open in your area? How often is there a great sales event are some sort of rally going on? These are all great vacations for you to get a popcorn rental machine into sell popcorn as people who attend these events are generally very hungry and love to have anything to munch on. There are many different occasions in which you will find it is a good idea to sell popcorn during the summer. Make a list of all the times and events occurring locally where you would be able to host a popcorn selling booth and then get started making some extra cash.

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