Options Instead of Having Kids Party Gift Bags

There is not much parents can argue about when it comes to a child’s birthday party. The children get to spend time with each other, have fun, and parents either get to have a little bit of time to themselves after they dropped the child off at the party or it is spend time socializing with other adults. It seems like the win-win situation – but when you start talking about kids party gift bags you will quickly find that there is one thing that adults can argue about.

What’s a Party Gift Bag?

If you’ve never gone to a child’s birthday party before you may not know what a party gift bags is. Kids party gift bags are small bags filled with things like little toys and candy that guests of the party take home with them. It seems like a very harmless situation, so why would parents get upset over kids party gift bags? One of the big reasons why many parents get upset over these little gift bags is because they do not want their children to get spoiled. It may seem silly to think that a small gift bag would spoil a child, but some parents just seem to think that their children do not need to receive a gift if they go to a party. Is there anything you can do other than to hand out gift bags? Actually there are a few things that you can do.

One is to contact your local animal shelter, or the non-profit organization of your choice, and to set up a donation to the organization rather than to give out gift bags. This is a very charitable way to celebrate your child’s party without handing out kids party gift bags. You can also have the children make something that they can take home instead. Many parents find that the best way to satisfy their desire to give children kids party gift bags as well as the desire to not frustrate other parents is to having a station on the party where children create something. It can be something simple like a special hanger to go on the doorknob, or something more complex like a cup that they created themselves.

If, however, you are set on giving kids party gift bags out at your child’s birthday party, go ahead and do it! The old saying that you will never make everyone happy is definitely true, especially when it comes to other parents. If the parent does not want a child to take a gift bag home, do not push it on them. You can always sneak the treats to the child when they are at school!