Keeping Children Safe When You Rent a Bouncy House

One of the biggest problems many parents deal with from other parents at a party they are throwing is the overly-cautious parent. This is the parent who insists on staying at the party – not because they want to stay and enjoy the day with everyone, but mainly because they do not trust you to supervise their child without them present. It can be difficult to not get frustrated with these parents, especially if you rent a bouncy house for the party. If you rent a bouncy house you will likely have to deal with a number of parents who are concerned for their child’s safety, but there are a few things that you can do to be able to assure parents that their children are safe in the bounce house.

Follow the Rules

The first thing that you’ll need to do is to make sure that you follow the rules, and in order to do that you’ll need to make sure that you understand what the rules are. Ask the person who is setting the unit up if you can have a copy of the rules that you can go over. It’s often a good idea to request these rules before you rent a bouncy house so that you will be able to familiarize yourself with them before the party begins.

There are a few basic rules that you can count on being on the list, starting with no child being allowed to wear shoes when they are in the bounce house. This saves heads and other body parts from being whacked by the hard sole of a shoe. You can also ask children who have jewelry or glasses to remove them before they get into the house. Make sure you have a little table near the house so that children will have a place to put their accessories, making it easier for them to remember to take them off as well.

Also, make sure that the unit is set up correctly. An experienced person from the company should be able to set up the house, but make sure you ask before you rent a bouncy house from them if they have a great deal of experience setting these units up. Make sure it’s anchored securely and that it is not in the way of any electrical equipment or near heat either.

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