What To Do If Parents Aren’t Comfortable with the Jump House

As parents we’re the ones who protect our children at all times. Whenever they fall into disgrace, most parents instantly feel guilty because they worry that they did not protect the child enough. That, however, is life. Most doctors will agree that small bumps, bruises, and scrapes are fairly harmless but are great way to teach children how far their body can go. You wouldn’t think that you would have to worry about a child pushing their body to the limit at a birthday party, but if you include a bounce house at your child’s birthday party you may quickly find that other parents are very worried about their child using the bounce house.

It is not uncommon for parents who are slightly overprotective of their children to not want their child to partake in a bounce house at a birthday party. This type of situation leaves the parent who through the party feeling guilty that they contacted a jumpy house rentals business, the overprotective parent frustrated, and the child themselves upset because they are not allowed to go in the bounce house. But how do you make a parent who is uncomfortable with their child using a bounce house the party comfortable with the situation?

Making Them Comfortable

It may surprise you to realize that it is actually possible to get an overprotective parent to calm down enough to allow their child to use the jumpy house rentals that are at the party. First you need to recognize their fears. Talk to the parent about their fears of the jumpy house and try to get a better understanding of why they are so worried about their child getting hurt. Quite often parents are not worried about the actual jumping part of the jumpy house rentals you have on your lawn, but are far more worried about their child’s opinion to other children at the party. There is a way to get around this. Instead of allowing all of the children to go on the jumpy house rentals at the same time, set rotations. Have some children playing one game, other children doing a craft, and a third group of children on the bounce house. This minimizes the amount of children in the bounce house and may make the mother much more comfortable, thus making the child happy and making the entire event a much more fun one for everybody.