Plan the Perfect Party with Inflatable Rentals

How quickly do the summer months pass? One moment you’re celebrating your children finishing another year of school, the next you’re buying back-to-school gear and trying to get lunch money in order. The summer months fly so quickly because they tend to be filled with activities. This child goes to summer camp, that one is in the summer sports program, and while you all enjoyed the camping vacation together, it seems so far away now. Family time is important, more so now than ever before thanks to the fast paced lifestyle most of us seem to live, but how do you find family time when the summer is winding to a close?

Big Summer Bash

One way is to have a large summer bash. Or a small summer bash – it’s up to you to decide how big you want the party to be! Everyone loves a party, but an end-of-the season bash, or a beginning-of-school bash depending on when you schedule it, is a great way to reconnect with neighbors, school friends, and family before life goes back to its same-old routine. Fortunately it’s much easier than you may think to plan a summer bash – all you have to do is invite your guests and set up some entertainment and some food!

The food can be easy. Many find that if they ask guests to bring their favorite dish, there is more than enough food available for everyone! Some also contact a party rentals business to rent a food machine, such as a hot dog steamer. But what about the entertainment? Hiring a DJ or a band would be great, but it’s a bit big budget for a little bash. An inflatable rentals company, however, may be your best bet for great entertainment that the whole gang can enjoy! Most inflatable rentals companies rent not only bounce houses, but also inflatable slides and may even rent obstacle courses that blow up, giving you plenty of entertainment options for your guests. Best of all children love inflatable rentals, allowing the grown-ups to get in some quiet time while the children play!

To cap the night off, why not rent a projection machine and play the summer blockbuster movie on the backside of your house? If you have a white house things should work well, but you can always use a few large sheets tacked together to create a fantastic screen for the movie to play on. With food, friends, inflatable rentals, and a movie, you can truly enjoy your time together celebrating friends and family.