Bouncy House Party for Boys

They say there is nothing quite like having a little boy, and anyone who has avoid realizes how tricky they can be to raise. Little girls tend to be very easy to accommodate – time for a birthday party? Simply rent something princess-y or pink or purple and you’re good to go. Little boys, however, are a bit more difficult to make happy, especially when it comes to hosting a party. If your little one is going to be having a birthday and you are interested in bouncy house rentals by the aren’t sure which ones to get for a boy, here are a few suggestions.

  • Sports – Many boys loved sports, and getting a bouncy house that has some sort of a sports theme may be a solution for you. Another option is to get what is known as a sports game bouncer. This type of bounce her includes sports games such as baseball or basketball.
  • Pirate Ship – A nautical theme is the way to go for a lot of young boys, especially if you add pirates into the mix. Imagine how excited your child would be to find out they were going to have a real live hire a ship for their birthday – or at least an inflatable one. Many bouncy house rentals companies have inflatable pirate ships available for rent making it fairly easy to find one for your little one’s special party.
  • Obstacle Course - Older boys are often more difficult to accommodate the younger boys, but an obstacle course inflatable may be the perfect solution for them. An obstacle course inflatable allows young boys to run up, rundown, and climb through many different obstacles keeping them entertained for a very long time.
  • Wet Slides – Another great option is to create your very own water Park in your backyard for your son’s birthday. Contact a bouncy house rentals business and ask them if they have any inflatable slides that can be turned into a waterslides. This is especially a good idea if your child’s birthday falls during the summer months.

Party rental options for young boys birthday party. Contact your local event rentals party coordinator and ask if they have any ideas on what you can do for young boys birthday party. They will likely be full of ideas.

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