Bounce House Rentals Q&A

Q: What I get when I rent a bounce house?

A: There are a few things you should expect when you rent a bounce house from a bounce house rentals company. First, you should expect for someone from the company to come to your home or to the location of the party to set up the bounce house for you. They will come with everything they need, including, of course, the bounce house, the blower, and any extension cords needed to hook up the bounce house. Prior to the day of the event you will likely be asked about the proximity of electrical outlets to the location of the party so that the person who is setting up the bounce house will know exactly how many extension cords they need to bring with them.

Q: Are bounce houses safe?

A: when you see a bunch of children inside a jump house that you got from a bounce house rentals company, it can be easy to worry about their safety. If you follow the rules set down by the person who installed the bounce house, everything should be absolutely fine. The biggest rules to follow are these: no one should wear shoes inside of the bounce house, and large children should never jump with small children.

Q: How long will I get to keep the bounce house for?

A: That depends on the company that you rented the jump house from. Each company has their own way of doing things, and while some may let you keep the bounce house for the entire day, others will charge by the hour. Check with your bounce house rentals company to see what their specific rates are.

Q: What if it rains?

A: Anytime you planning outdoor party the biggest thing to worry about is having to deal with inclement weather. Fortunately most companies who handle bounce house rentals have some sort of a rating policy in place. This may not help to make hosting a party on a rainy day any easier, but it will help you to know that you’re not going to be wasting your money.

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