Bounce House Rental Rules

We’ve talked before about bounce house rental rules, but one thing we have not discussed is why it is important to make sure you enforce these rules, and even how you do so. When you see a business that is offering a bounce house for rent at a reasonable rate, it is understandable to immediately want to jump on the bandwagon by renting a bounce house. This may be a good idea, but it is extremely important to make sure that you know, and make a list of, all of the rules the children will have to follow when they get on the bounce house.

  • Supervision – One of the most important things is to make sure that there is always supervision of the bounce house that you have rented. Appoint one or two adults to be the security guards of the bounce house. Make sure they understand all of the rules and that they are capable of enforcing those rules as well. It doesn’t make any sense to put timid mouse on guard at the bounce house because you know the rules will not be enforced. This is extremely important because the number one reason why children get hurt when their parents have hired a bounce house for rent is because there is no adult supervision.
  • Same Age Group – Another common mistake parents make when it comes to bounce houses is in letting all the children get on the bounce house at the same time. This is a huge mistake and can result in serious injury. Have you ever tried jumping on a trampoline with someone who is a lot heavier or a lot lighter than you? Do so and you will instantly see why it is important to make sure that the same age group is inside the bounce house at any one point in time.
  • No Crowding – A bounce house for rent has limits, and it is important that you know what the limits are before you allow children to get on the inflatable. Not only can you risk breaking the inflatable if you allow too many children on the bounce house once, you also risk the children getting seriously injured as well which is something that no one wants.

Make sure you know, and are able to enforce, all of the rules of the bounce house and all of the children invited will have a wonderful time.

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