Should You Hire Just Anyone With a Bounce House for Rent?

When it comes to having a young child’s birthday party most parents will agree that no party is complete unless you have a bounce house included in the party somehow. Finding a bounce house rental business, however, can be a bit tricky, especially if you’ve waited until the last minute to rent the bounce house. Suddenly you see an ad in your local paper that offers a bounce house for rent – is it something that you should answer? Aren’t all bounce house rental companies the same?


Have you ever had your computer break down only to take it to someone who swears that they are an amazing computer guru? After hours, and lots of cash thrown the “tech’s” way, you find out that all they did was to look up the problem on Google and to backdate the computer – something that anyone with a tiny amount of technical knowledge could do. The “fix”, however, did not fix your computer properly and now you’re stuck with a non-working computer. The tech that you hired was really just a glorified techy-fan in disguise. How does this relate to a bounce house for rent?

The same can be true for a person who rents out a bounce house. While there are plenty of qualified individuals and companies who rent out bounce houses, there are quite a few out there who are imposters. These people purchase commercial bounce houses (sometimes they even purchase residential bounce houses, which are much less sturdy) and start trying to offer the bounce house for rent. So what is the problem with renting from these people?

First, their equipment. Often these overnight rental businesses do not have the equipment necessary to deal with the situation properly. They don’t have the vehicle that they need to properly transport the equipment, nor do they have the equipment to handle things should the bounce house not set up right. Next, they may not even know how to set up the equipment properly! Bounce houses have to be set up on a specific type of ground, with the right weight and hookups, in order to ensure that they’re safe. Someone who has just started their “business” may not have the skills to know how to do this.

Finally, the insurance. This is a big one. Even if they have a number of different bounce houses available for rent, if they don’t have any insurance you may not want to go with them. Having insurance is key when it comes to any company in the rental business, and is one sure-fire way to be able to tell which company is legit and which one is not.